Yoga Vista Studio


Located in the heart of recently-renovated downtown Vista, California - The Yoga Vista Studio offers yoga classes for 'EveryBody! We are proud of our diverse community and invite you to join us for classes especially designed to meet your interests and needs.

In today's fast-paced world, give yourself a moment of peace and calm in our beautifully-designed serene studio setting. Complement any sport or exercise program with Yoga - you will find what you need at Yoga Vista! Come join us!


Dec Highlights

The Retreat - Jan 3-4 at the Pala
        Resort Spa - Sherry to be the
        Opening Night Guest Speaker
2015 Studio Calendars on Sale
        $15 - All proceeds fund our FREE
        Cancer Recovery Classes!
HOLIDAY Stress Management Class
        Sun, Dec 14 at 4pm
        Donation only! Come relax!
Yoga Vista Teachers on DVD
        Save 20% on all our Yoga DVDs
        Use Promo Code: yogavista
Christmas & New Year's Schedule
        Check online for updates!
Special New Year's Day Class
        Thurs, Jan 1 at 10am - $15
        "Twistasana" with Mary & Heidi

Where Yoga is for EveryBody!

At the Yoga Vista Studio, we believe that every person - no matter age, health condition, experience or life stage can benefit from the calming and healing benefits of yoga. Therefore, we offer a large selection of yoga classes for all stages of life - Kids, Teens, Busy Parents, the Stressed-out, Overworked Breadwinners, Athletes, Injured folks, Cancer patients, Seniors and more. Come share yoga with us!

We have a wonderful, dedicated staff of highly-qualified teachers that will help guide and nurture you in a safe and healthy environment.

As you walk our Meditation Garden Path and enter the Yoga Vista Studio, put your cares and worries behind you and enjoy the healing energy of your practice. Make time for you!