Erika Lee walked into her first Yoga class as a teenager and her world was literally and figuratively flipped upside down! Through her years of practice, Erika felt her life transform in powerful and positive ways. She felt her life begin to shift not only in the physical realm by the healing of her chronic back pain, but also emotionally and spiritually. After many years of personal study and practice Erika decided to share the healing power of Yoga and meditation with her loved ones and became a teacher in 2008.

Erika is genuinely grateful to be able to share her lifelong passion with her local Yoga community as well as offering Yoga retreats around the world. She is a certified in Hatha, Budokon, and Yin Yoga. Erika is most recently a student of Soul of Yoga in Encinitas where she will earn her certification in their extensive Yoga Therapy program. She loves Yoga for countless reasons however, to her one of the most beautiful aspects of the practice is that it evolves with age and is available to students of any walk of life.

In addition to her Yoga training Erika is also a Reiki Master and leads powerful Reiki circles and Yoga Nidra meditations. Erika is also a mentor for students in the Soul of Yoga and Soulshine Yoga’s 200 hour trainings. She is a philanthropist and donates a great deal of her time and teachings to benefit charities and local non-profit organizations. Erika believes that Yoga is for everyone and strives to create a safe and sacred environment for her students to learn and transform.

Let the journey begin…

Gentle Flow – Mondays at 6:00-7:15pm

Gentle Flow​ is a mellow flow through the postures with a stronger emphasis on alignment and instruction. Poses done are similar to a Hatha class but you get into the poses in a more gentle and easy way. This class is a great building block for Seniors, beginners and those with injuries or conditions who want to learn to flow through the body and breathe. GENTLE/OPEN LEVELS