teacher-lesleeLeslee has been a Special Ed Teacher and Yoga Practitioner for close to 50 years. She has depended consistently on her yoga practice to aid her through personal and physical challenges, and to create playful and safe activities for her students and her own daughter’s early childhood development. Recently retired, Leslee continues to explore breath and movement through life changes, and has had the freedom to fulfill a longtime dream of earning a 200-Hour Gentle Yoga Teaching Certificate. “My Yoga practice continues to evolve, to foster change and growth, and to support all aspects of my health and living. The body is designed to move no matter our age. For me yoga is fun, creates positivity, and is best when I’m sharing its gifts with others! Namaste.”

Evening Relax and Rebalance – Mondays at 7:30pm

Gentle yoga movements to wind down and shift gears after your busy day. The Evening Relax and Rebalance is a conscious, slower practice allowing you to tune into your body, mind, and heart creating release, surrender, and calm. Move from your thinking mind to a tranquil heart. The perfect way to end your day and continue the week!. GENTLE/OPEN LEVELS