The Scoop: Yoga Vista to Merge with Yoga Branch

As I close out my 60th year on this planet, I reflect on the past decade of owning and operating the Yoga Vista Studio.  This period changed the direction of my life in so many ways. When I jumped off the fast-moving corporate train and hopped onto the Yoga bus, I did not know here it would lead me.  Now I see.  Now I know.

In this past decade, two ideas sprouted, grew and took me to fabulous places I could have never planned or imagined. Justine and I formed the Yoga Vista Academy, an online, virtual Yoga Teacher Training Program for teachers seeking knowledge and skills to serve the 50+ demographic. Just recently, we hosted our 5th sold-out annual weekend training workshop with teachers from across the globe who found our work via YouTube and Google searches!  This work ignites my passion to teach, learn and serve even more!  I want to change how the world views aging! I have more work to do!

mergerHow does a little corner Yoga studio in downtown Vista make a global impact? The internet, of course! My 12-yr old YogaJP video and DVD production company produces Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga videos that reach into the homes of seniors, people with limited mobility and physical challenges in every corner of the world. Through my online YogaJPTV library, the streaming or 100s of our Live Yoga classes with the best Yoga Teachers (yes, I am proud and biased!) help bring Yoga to those who don’t have the luxury of attending classes specifically designed for their physical challenges or limitations.

These 2 “projects” are my passion, my fuel for bounding out of bed every morning. So, as every self-reflective Yogi does time to time… I looked at where my time and energy was being spent and decided I need to back off from the administration and management of a brick-and-mortar Yoga studio and focus on my trainings, teaching and video production passions.

Enter Lisette Hart…

For those of you who know a bit of “Yoga in Vista” history, Lisette founded Yoga Vista in 2001 in Shadowridge. That is where I first was introduced to Yoga by Lisette and my mentor teacher, Mary Cavanaugh. Lisette is a Yoga visionary, entrepreneur and has the longest running successful Yoga Teacher Training program in North County, her Roots and Wings Program.

Lisette moved the studio to downtown Vista in 2003 and sold the studio to me in 2006 in order to spend time raising her young children. She opened up her Yoga Branch studio on East Vista Way in 2008 and has a thriving Yoga business and Teacher Training Program. We have kept in touch over the years and I reached out to her to explore the idea of merging studios. With her taking on the ownership, administration and management of the studio, and me continuing to teach, train and film at the studio.

With the support of the Yellow Deli, we will be merging studios and the downtown Broadway Avenue location will be called “Yoga Branch Vista Village” and will be open for business on January 1, 2017. Yoga Branch will offer two locations where students can use their class series and monthly unlimited passes to take classes at either location!  Until then, I will be running the Yoga Vista studio through the end of the year.

After you have exhaled from receiving this news… I want to thank you for your support in accepting this transition with grace and optimism.  I know we never like change, but change is life.  I love, appreciate and honor each and every one of you.  Thank you for making the last decade of my life a wild and wonderful ride!


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